Friday, January 18, 2019

Our LP Details


The Non-USA LP Black Copper Marans bloodline is different from the current US Stock from temperament to feather development. Iím going to list the difference I've noticed but remember there is no set rule on how a BCM develops.
Here is a list of observations I have noticed between "FiFi" and "Lady" both are pure LP's from Brenda Little
  • Feathers on saddle are short and fluffy (the area in front of his tail feathers)
  • Shows copper spots on neck feathers much earlier than my USA line.
  • For "FiFi" 60% of ear feathers are copper color by age, 25 days.
  • For "Lady" much less copper at 25 days,
  • Both not born with white pin feather tips or white end pin feathers. Therefore no white in wing tips
  • Shanks dark slate
  • Shanks well feathered at age 20 days
  • For "FiFi" Hackle 50% copper colored (mainly on back side of neck) at age 30 days.
  • For "Lady" Hackle just spoted with dark copper on back side of neck at 30 days.
  • Both temperament is very very easy going. 
  • Age 3-4 month, Hackle well developed with copper feathers on back and front of Hackle (completely going all the way around the neck, but not proceeding into the breast for "FiFi"). Much more copper than my USA line. However "Lady" color has developed more like my US line. 
  • Ears 70% copper 3-4 months. (for "FiFi") ("Lady" has little copper)
  • Both tail set perfectly at 45 degree. 
  • We are well pleased with this line.
  • "FiFi" hatched out of extra large dark brown eggs. Actual eggs below.
  • "Lady" hatched out of small eggs, a bit darker than below. 
  • I have noticed that a copper ear that shows up very well at day 25 appears to be a trait from the father "Jaber" (Jaber has passed)  Whereas a non copper ear around day 25 appears to be showing more of the mothers "Ebba" traits.(assumation observation 4-26-12)